Michael Wheatland

About me

A Creative process engineer and a professional, inclusive and collaborative team leader.

Driven by values of fairness, diversity and best use of finite resources to develop potential into results through new and innovative solutions. I look for ways to contribute in a positive way in every aspect of my life.

A believer in the positive power of community and the ongoing benefits provided by a healthy society and environment. I am a proud Australian who envisages a future free from suffering, where collaboration drives continual breakthroughs.

I am active with local community groups, local business groups, think tanks and policy committees.

Chemical Engineering and Science graduate from The University of Melbourne.
Chartered Professional Engineer of the Institution of Chemical Engineers
Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland.

Work history

Business Development Manager - Australia (Vic, SA, WA), New Zealand and USA
Development of new business for an Australian mineral technology company. Working with councils, water authorities, water, waste and energy facilities.

Site Manager - Bacchus Marsh
Management of operations, safety, production and strategic planning for award winning mineral technology company. Large scale energy contract negotiation.

Production and Quality Manager - Bacchus Marsh
Material resource planning, recruiting, CO2 capture, ISO-9001 system building, logistics and international export coordination, customer and delivery management

Shift Process Controller - Northern Territory
Shift management of $4 billion alumina refinery. Supervision of 60+ operations team, process control improvements, Crisis management during power failure.

Process Engineer - Northern Territory
Coordination of export quality for multi-million tonne export contracts, chemical and thermal process management, energy efficiency optimisation.

Projects Engineer - Geelong and Western Australia
Working for multiple mining companies with energy efficiency and process optimisation projects.

Michael is a active advocate and mentor for community projects and initiatives.

He supports community and local business organisations through participation.

Contact Me


+61 (0)400-818-117

Where You Can Find Me

Michael Wheatland is based in Melbourne, although his work finds him spending time in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Los Angeles.

Things I use every day

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  • Environment
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